Thursday, May 10, 2012


This is going to be my BIGGEST section. There are so many things that bring me Joy. Family, religion and testimony, and my home.

I have lots of ideas and information that I will share from family photos and activities to home decor and improvement. Products I use and love to ways to save money managing our home. Food storage and preparedness to self-reliance.

First may I share my testimony: I am a Latter-day Saint. I was born with the church in our home. I have a testimony that God lives and loves us and he is our Heavenly Father. That Jesus is our older brother, who came to earth as a baby, grew and lived to show us how to be like him. I know he suffered for each of our sins, hurts and temptations and that he and Heavenly Father over us.

I know Joseph Smith restored the gospel of Jesus Christ in these Latter-days and that we have a prophet, called of God, to speak to us for God today. Currently that is Thomas S. Monson.

I know I am a daughter of God and have been entrusted with his spirits to raise as my children. I know that families CAN be together forever, through the sealing power of the priesthood in the temple, and that families are ordained of God.

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