Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Joyous-The Word of Wisdom

Okay, I have fallen short with my blog, some for good reason, I got a job and worked, but that was April and May. My last post was January, when I launched the plan for a New Me and my plans to loose weight. That didn't happen. Depression really is a struggle for me and I was dealing with a lot of it during that time off.

I still have work to do, but am doing much better, especially if I do not talk about the things that were hurting me, that would only be digressing.

I wanted to write again and keep up with WHY I started this blog in the first place, to look past the negative things in my life and and focus on WHO I Am.

I AM a Beautiful, Compassionate, Creative, Joyous woman.
I AM also a LDS woman. And I would like to thank Sister Ann Dibb (President Monson's daughter) for putting an extra special spin on this. "I Know It, I Live It, I Love It." Her talk given at the October 2012 General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Plus Sister Julie Beck, former Relief Society General President "Mother's Who Know".

With this year we are studying the Doctrine and Covenants in sunday school and 2 weeks ago we had the lesson on The Word of Wisdom. I was nearly finish with the book The Word of Wisdom-A Modern Interpretation by John A. Widsoe and Leah D. Widsoe.

I have since finished it and am excited to share it.

When you think of the topic of the Word of Wisdom, what first comes to  mind? No coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol?

It is true that that is a good part of it. Most people outside of the church point those things out when they talk about mormons. But that is not all what it is about.

This book really goes deeper into health and nutrition and it's really what we as members and non-members as well should really take a deeper look at ourselves and if WE are really living the Word of Wisdom as it is written.

I know for me, we do not eat meat a lot, but we do eat it far more then we should as it is laid out in the scriptures.

I had an experience when I was 19 that caused me to look at myself deeper. I cannot remember exactly how it went, but the topic came up that I didn't drink coffee or caffein sodas at that time, and another lady chimed in of how YOU MORMONS don't really live the Word of Wisdom with your WHITE bread, sugar consumption and other ways you eat.

It set me back a bit as I was just out of my parents home where my mother made white bread, meat was at every meal, yet my mother was really good at having a big garden, and canning. This lady was right.

I learned to make whole wheat bread and made it a priority to have a garden and to can and freeze and all those things we do as members. Yet we (my family) have not fixed all the things we need to do better.

The book really kicked my behind and got me to really take a better look at how I feed my family, even though I have been taking a closer look at in the past 2 years with two other books:

I got the top one when I watched a video on YouTube on Healthy Homemade Cold Cereal and it directed me to more videos on the truths about Oil, Raw Milk and many other things pertaining to our current food and the bad health we have especially here in the USA.

I got the bottom book because I was concerned about possible food allergies in myself and my question of the numerous people with food allergies to wheat, milk, eggs and others.

I will tell you, eating better is in deed a big change for me as well as many of us. I am certain that so many of our health problems today can be resolved or at least minimized if we take better care of what we put in our bodies.

This picture below was one a friend shared on FB that is comical and sad at the same time.

I hope that I have given some help to someone to take a better look at yourself, that we can ALL do better at living The Word of Wisdom and receive the promised blessings when we do.