Thursday, May 10, 2012


I think all of us women have this trait. Some more than others.
I don't know very many people who could look at a hurt child and not feel for them.
We come access people we know who lost someone, who is ill, who lost a job, who has medical or emotional issues. We have those who hurt us, shy away or seem to do things they don't/or do realize effect us in a negative way.
I will share thoughts, stories and inspiration that will either tug at your heart strings or help you through your own troubles.
I will post signs and art, printables, gifts, and card ideas to help you help someone else.
Send me your ideas too.

If you have a husband like mine, he's a good guy who is sometimes clueless and messes up.

Keep some Mr. Goodbars on hand (either mini's or full size, king size too). When he messes up, give him one with a love note and give some suggestions of what he could have done differently and let him know he's still your man.

Maybe use some nurturing marriage, communication, or other needed topic, quotes from

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