Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Christmas in July

Happy Holidays!!!!!   Oh wait, it's only July

I love to make gifts. I love to receive hand made gifts. Have you ever made something for someone for Christmas, and because of all of the excitement Christmas morning, it doesn't get appreciated? You put a lot of time and love into it.

Here is an idea for a new tradition: A Handmade Christmas Eve

Each person draws a name of a family member, then they make something for that person. On Christmas Eve you open those presents, saving Christmas day for the other ones, playing, eating and sleeping.

Now, with me, making stuff is how I get my budget to work when times are tough.  But when times are good, this would still be a great idea.

I wanted to post this now to give people time to gather ideas and make items so you are not rushed at the last minute. You can set a price limit if you want or make up your own guidelines so someone doesn't get a pet rock while another person gets something really elaborate.

Here are a couple of ideas:

-crocheted hot pads (pattern can be found atBev’s Country Cottage)
-painted garden markers
-Picture frames (you can make the frame or buy one and paint it and/or decorate it to go with decor)

-lap quilt or afghan
-here is a link for gifts for men GiftsforMen2.jpg
-make a plate or mug 

-special container for action heroes (it could be made out of wood  and mod podge pics of the heroes onto the sides)

-baby toy
-puzzles and games (make out of wood, cutting with a jigsaw or bandsaw, etc.)

The possibilities are endless and you might be overwhelmed by all of the ideas you can find on the internet. I know I was as I typed in phrases (on images) like-homemade games and found a lunchbox made from an old NES (can also be made into a USB hub), or homemade baby toys, and homemade gifts for men. You might even find ideas for that person who has everything.

Family traditions are great opportunities to build family ties, and who says you can't add new traditions as years go by. It can also help develop new skills.

This one came from a close cousin of mine and I just had to share it, and I am excited to do this for my family this year.

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