Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I am covering 3 topics here, because it is impossible to put all I have to share in just one topic.

Creative:   The Lord has blessed me with a talent to write music. Most of the time I can hear a tune, but am unable to write it out due to my lack of knowledge. Someday I hope to go to school to fix that. I have been blessed on occasion to be able to write a song almost immediately.

Three years ago I had a section of a tune go through my mind, many a sunday during sacrament meeting. I sung the tune into my cell phone hoping not to loose it. Nothing was really done though I tried to write, I couldn't. I just kept sing it in my head.

Compassionate: Fast forward to last summer. A friend of mine lost her husband suddenly. I started to sing a song I knew "You're Not Alone" by Michael McLean, then suddenly I started singing the tune I heard for two and a half years.

Excitement filled my heart and I went to work. I had the help of Finale NotePad:

a music notation program, for writing the tune and words for verses were coming to me.

I also had a dear friend whose marriage had ended. I had words come to my mind to include her in this song. 

My oldest son was to be deploying to Afghanistan, and a part of the chorus goes to him, and to other military both past and present who have had to fight.

After a week of two I was almost done. However I couldn't get the key change transition done, another one of the weaknesses in knowledge. So I put the song aside for awhile.

Joyous: About two weeks ago (it has now been over 10 months since I started) the Holy Ghost spoke to me one night, saying try it this way. The next morning I pulled out the song and finished the transition. The Lord and I polished and completed the song.

Then the Lord helped me find the right pictures.

Now I offer to you a new song with slide show "You Are Not Alone" with my testimony, that all is in the Lord's timing, and that no matter what you are going through "You Are Never Alone"

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