Friday, July 27, 2012


This has been a tough year for some. Each year seems to bring different ones.
Economic Hardships
just to name a few.

It is my testimony that 'these things will give thee experience and shall be for thy good' (D&C 122)

Before we came to earth there was a Great Council, where Heavenly Father told us of His plan for us to come to earth. We would be free to choose.

Our older brother Satan wanted to take away our freedom and force us to make the right choice.

Our older brother Jesus said He would come to earth, to be our Savior so that our Father's plan could be upheld and through His atonement we would have a chance to repent of our wrong choices.

So here we are on earth and we are indeed free to choose. When someone does something bad to someone else, like the recent shootings in Colorado, some may ask "Where was God?" Doesn't he care about those poor people?

It is my testimony that he does care. He weeps when we are bad, when someone is bad to us, when we fall, when we die TOO early. He does not step in to stop it for we are ALL free to choose. 

He is there though for each and every one of us. He was there to take home those that were lost. He was there comforting all who were frightened. And yes, I believe he was even there for the shooter, trying to speak to his heart to not do what he had planned. For he too is His child. But he choose the listen more to the father of all lies instead and would not, could not listen.

My heart goes out to the victims and their families. To the family of the shooter.

I am so sorry he made the choices that he did, and the heartache that it left.

Again I would like to leave my song for you to hear "You Are Note Alone" at YouTube on the Iamaldswoman channel. Please listen to it often when ever you are needing comfort.

Please know that these words come from my heart.

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