Friday, June 15, 2012


Creation Schedule- Okay, on friday is my service day, or rather prepare for service day.
This is were I make cards and make sure I have on hand items for gifts or to package gifts for service.

Here is a link that might help. Sign up with these gals and a get regular ideas on crafting.
Online Silhouette Classes at (GIVEAWAY)

Write a letter to missionaries and/or military serving. They always welcome contact from home. Get your kids involved and put together something fun for them to display in their room or tent.

Locate the names and addresses of your missionaries on the bulletin board. Military names can be there too, if not ask!

Father's Day

Here are some links to help with Father's Day ideas if you don't have something yet.
Father’s Day Round-Up: Quick & Easy Ideas
Our 9 favorite Father's Day ideas
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       Father's Day Candy Bar Wrapper       
A "Pringle" Proclamation Treat    
   Father's Day Ideas       

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