Thursday, June 7, 2012


Someone made a comment the other day to me, that they came to a decision that they needed to 'get it together'.

I don't know exactly what she is going through, and I hope to get to know her better and maybe find out and be a friend to her.

But I got to thinking about my response to her. "We've all got to get IT together, it just is different with each one of us.

We all have things in our lives that effect us. Some more than others. I have seen a lot of people seeming to have IT together. They may be sincerely doing well and some are doing a fantastic act of covering IT up.

May I give this friend, you and me something to remember, as you work through you life, be "Gentle" with yourself.

(Even today as I finally get this post completed, I am struggling to have much together. So even as 'scratch' is telling me not to post this, that I'm not good enough, I am going to take a spoonful of my own tonic and be gentle with myself.)

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