Friday, August 17, 2012


In April we started our adventure with rabbits. Our first was a female Dutch, Oreo, whom we thought was pregnant. after more than 30 days we realized she was not.

When we realized she was not going to have babies, we started looking for a mate. We found Cookie. He was younger and smaller than Oreo, but he got the job done.

Three 'Mini Oreo/Cookies' were born on Father's Day.
Sorry I don't have pics of then. They are born without hair but their skin had black spots where they were to be black.

Here they are on July 9th, eating with mom

Here they are about 3 weeks ago.

We have as much of a problem taking a family pic as any human family.

Shall I jump?

Mom makes here shelf pretty for the picture.

Tag you're it!

He's got hair too.


I love my mom.

Get Him!


After the babies were a little bigger, we decided to get some more rabbits. Meet:

Digger (male)

Flopsy (female, yes like in Peter Rabbit)

Mopsy (female)

(Alex)Zander (male) Yes he has eyes, it's just really hard to get a
pic of a moving rabbit.

Having rabbits is easy, fun, and occasionally hard (when they escape and you have to try and catch them, I recommend having a long handled fishing net for this)
Cages are easy to make, with the right tools, they eat pellets, hay and a lot of other things too. But be careful, there are things they should not eat. If you would like a detailed list of both good and bad just let me know.
They don't take a lot of space and rabbit manure is the only animal manure you can put right onto your garden without it burning.
You can even make a bunny run (bottomless cage) to put in your yard and they will munch on grass.

Dutch rabbits are great show rabbits, all rabbits are good for 4-H. Some for show, other's for meat. (Sorry if that offends anyone.)

WE are hoping Zander and Flopsy will have babies around the end of the month. Digger seems a little 'shy' with Mopsy. Maybe in another month or so, he'll be ready.

We are now trying to sell the Dutch babies (all girls). Only two of the three are available, but we are letting anyone pick from the three, and the last one left will go to the lady letting them use a shed at her house, since DH would not let them be here at first. He is open to them eventually coming back here.

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